One Stop Solution Provider for Eco Friendly Packaging Items

No matter you are coffee store runner, or a small restaurant, whether you are street food seller, an Amazon seller, or a small or medium distributor, at BioGreen, our multiple eco green solutions including sugarcane bagasse packaging, paper packaging, which can meet your needs. We offer turnkey services to you that can match or even surpass your purchasing need.

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  • sugarcane food containers

    Sugarcane Bagasse Packaging

    A wide variety of sugarcane bagasse items such as food containers, plates and trays, cups and lids etc.

  • paper food packaging

    Paper Packaging Products

    Eco friendly paper box, paper bowls, cups and bags, paper straws,etc. to meet your sustainable goals.

  • Bamboo &Wooden Products

    Eco friendly cutlery including knives, forks and spoons in bamboo, wooden and bagasse materials.

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About the Founder

Hello there! My name is Kitty, and I'm embarking on an exciting journey of entrepreneurship in the world of eco-friendly packaging. After dedicating seven fulfilling years to the international sales and packaging industry, I've decided to take a leap of faith and create a venture of my own.

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A Wide Range of Eco Friendly Products Solutions

From take away food containers, food plates , supermarket trays, to paper cups & lids, and paper straws, disposable cutlery sets, our eco friendly packaging options will satisfy your specific needs and enable you and your business to maintain sustainable.

Expertise in Food Packaging Industry

Our expertise in the eco friendly packaging industry will benefit our customers in a cost saving and efficient manner. Feel free to give us an email should you have purchasing needs in the eco friendly packaging products.

Competitive Price

By building strategic partnership with domestic mainstream eco friendly packaging manufacturers in China, it enables us to offer consistent sourcing quality, competitive prices, delivery lead time assurance and high efficiency and strong service sense.

Quick Response and Customer Oriented

Strong sense of customer service offered both before and after service support. In addition, with the extensive experience in the packaging industry and customer oriented principle in mind, we can quick respond to customer's request in a professional way and always try best to think in the way customers think.

Flexible MOQ

With low and flexible MOQ threshold, friendly to small& medium scale buyers. With dozens of suppliers in hand in both large scale, medium and small scales, we can handle both bulk orders and small runs, and manage to match your purchasing need with the most suitable manufacturers.

Consistent & Stable Quality Assurance

By working closely with our suppliers, and enjoyed by the geographical advantage, we can offer consistent and stable quality products, and on-site inspection support to quick solve problems on-site without time zone difference, thus to save time and avoid unnecessary cost resulted from quality issues and enables a consistent and stable quality assurance for our customers.

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